What should be prepared before camping?

Every year, more than 30 million Americans leave the comfort of their homes to sleep in a tent, RV, or simply under the stars. There are lots of reasons to rough it on a good-old fashioned camping trip, from physical health benefits to stress relief. (Who needs a Tempur-Pedic mattress when there’s a sleeping bag?) In order for a safe, comfortable, and exciting experience with Mother Nature, learn all the camping dos and don’ts to fully enjoy the Great Outdoors!

But what to be prepared? To bring everything you might possibly need in any situation?  Not so. That leads to over packing and making things too complicated. Rather, to be prepared means to have some dual purpose items, as well as being able to be flexible and improvise if something has been forgotten.

·        One change of clothes for every family member; two if very young kids are involved

·        Towels;one per person

·        Soap

·        Roll oft oilet paper

·        Sleeping bag for each person

·        Padding of some kind to go under the sleeping bags

·        Tent: A sturdy, lightweight and comfortable tent will certainly add a lot of fun to the camping.

·        Flash lights;one per person, plus battery lantern for inside tent

·        Cook stove

·        Cookingand eating utensils; keep it simple with one fry pan and one saucepan and acouple of serving spoons; coffeepot for hot water

·        One plateper person, and one set of knife, fork, spoon per person

·        Easy-to-preparefood, such as freeze-dried and 'just add water' mixes

·        Covered pail for fresh water

·        Plasticdishpan for washing dishes

·        Propanelantern for outdoors

·        A small first-aid kit

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