Why camping with your family?

Why we go camping with family? As you should escape the city. How about  taking a family camping trip?

Camping is a good way to spend time with your kids and to show them how wonderful nature can be. The beauty of nature can be explored by children through camping. There are so many things to be discovered : flowers, birds, and other small animals. Camping gives kids time to run away from all the electronics of today’s culture. Importantly it is a good idea to plan exciting and enjoyable family camping trips with your children while they’re young.


When planning your family camping trip, consider the activities your kids like: games, hiking, swimming, boating, bicycling, etc. Choose a camping place that has some of the activities in which the kids are interested. Meal planning is an important part of your camping trip. Plan the meals together, and kids love to choose what they want to eat. Doing all the planning as a family keeps the kids feeling like they’re part of the whole family. 
When starting to prepare  your trip, let the kids pack their own things. Each person should have his or her own sleeping bag with a bag to put them in. Personal things should be packed with their sleeping bags. Encourage the kids to put their things in a certain place and always return them when they have finished  using them. 

When you’ve arrived at your campsite, make all the camping activities. A family activity that will help teach children  know the importance of teamwork. Everyone can have their own jobs sitting up the campsite. The younger ones can put the stakes in the ground ,at the same time, the older ones can set up the tent. Mealtime can be a funny time. We all know kids love to  help with the preparation of meals. Therefore, let the older ones do the cooking on your outdoor camping stove while the younger ones get the picnic table ready. 

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