Instant portable cat tent
Tracy-Yoazin Flores 23/03/2018

RORAIMA Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat with Rain Fly and Two Entrance for Outdoor and Indoor Cats,Air Ventilate Mesh Fabric Prevent Bugs to Get in. big enough space for two more cats or put your kitty's toys, Litter Box,blanket etc. This is designed outdoor use tent on yard or on your deck or balcony for your indoor cats to play outside but it can still be indoor use to restrict your kitty jump all around,to keep them safe. My kids loved playing with the tent more than our cat did lmfao so I’ll guess I’ll be using it for my kids to play in instead very cute and spacious Size 75" L X 60"W X 36"H Black

RORAIMA Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat with Rain fly and Two entrance review
Teresa Ann 23/03/2018

perfect secure cat tent to allow your kitty to play outside can also be used inside you can find it at this link

RORAIMA Instant Portable Cat Tent Two Entrance for Outdoor and Indoor Cats
Jeffrey Thomas 23/03/2018

It is always scary to have an indoor cat and want the cat to have some security of beingoutside. This tent took my fear away with our kitty and allowed him to havesome outdoor time. I set this up in the park and took kitty and placed himinside while we were having some food. He really liked that he had plenty of room to move around and look outside. He had some treats and water and a coupletoys in with him. The fabric and structure feel very secure and won’t ripwithout a lot of force. The rods are very strong and were slightly hard to getset up. But that was more my fault because I was afraid that something mighthappen to it. The zippers are good quality and won’t bust easily. I am veryglad I got this item. My kitty loves it and I feel safe to have him in it while am out with him. You can get here :

Great for cats
Kody Welch 19/03/2018

starsSuper easy to set up (my 4 year old had ...
Courtney Kistemann 19/03/2018
Super easy to set up (my 4 year old had it mostly up in seconds) but in my opinion it’s way too big for a cat. It’s the perfect size for kids.


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