How to Assemble and Recline RORAIMA Camping Chair ?

RORAIMA Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair with Headrest and Footrest for Outdoor Camping, RV, BBQ, Football Games


Step 1 Unpack the storage bag, and open the camping chair on the solid ground

Step 2 Press down the armrest bar, extend the backrest and seat portion to stable position

Step 3 Pull up the bottom of armrest to the middle position, keep the backrest upright.

How to Recline:

1,Press the bottom of armrest down to the bottom

2,Move the backrest backward, keep the bottom of backrest steel up in the right position

3,Make sure the reclining mode is stable


Step 1 Pull up the Bottom of armrest in the middle position, Keep the backrest upright. Recover from the Reclining mode firstly

Step 2 Close the opposite armrest bar and backrest upside.

Step 3 Press down the backrest steel, fold up the footrest if you have, using the elastic straps to secure it.

Step 4 After completely folded it up, put it in the storage bag

It's made of mostly mesh, which helps keep you cool on those hot days. Great for camping, the beach or any occasion really. Folds up super easy, and is small enough that you can keep it in your trunk or any small space. The carrying bag is great! So easy to carry, and very lightweight.

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