Spring Activities for Outdoor

What outdoor play activities would you recommend in the springtime?

Springtime is ideal for outdoor play. After a cold, gray winter, the blue skies, new leaves, and warm breezes beckon everyone to come out and play for a while. In the excitement of a new season of growth, here are some activities to make the most of all that spring has to offer.

The best days of spring come with blue skies, warm breezes, and bright flowers and leaves. Try out some of these activities to maximize the pretty days of spring:

·        Measure leaf growth, record when the buds open and compare different plants’ growth.

·        Create art with flowers.

·        Pick flowers to bring inside the classroom.

·        Observe bugs and other creepy-crawlies.

·        Watch for birds and learn about what kinds migrate through your region in the spring.

·        Learn about baby animals (who are frequently born in the spring), with visiting bunnies, baby chicks, or ducklings.

·        Take photographs – let the children take photos of their observations of spring with disposable cameras or kid-friendly digital cameras.

·        Have a picnic day where all the day’s normal indoor activities happen outdoors. There's more sunlight and warmer weather in the spring, so enjoy it with a walk. Mix things up by finding a new path or trail to explore.

Put some spring in your step this season with a spring activities jar. It's an easy way to collect a bunch of ideas for family fun. 

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