Why You Need RV Tire Covers

Types of Camper Tire Covers

You can find covers for each individual tire or you can cover them in pairs ifyou have tandem axles.
Some tire covers are made of canvas and are breathable. Others are made ofvinyl with a flannel lining.
You can even get "designer" tire covers that are color coordinated tomatch your RV.  It all depends on howmuch you want to spend and how picky you are about appearances.
Pay Attention to the Fasteners, Too
The fasteners are important, too.  Ifthey aren't strong enough, you'll lose your covers to the wind one day.
Some tire protectors slip over the top and you use bungee cords to hold them onat the bottom.
They may come with the bungee cord or you may have to provide your own.  Factor this into the total cost when you'recomparison shopping.

If you don't already have a source for RV accessories, you can find all kindsof choices at Amazon or eBay.
Just pay close attention to the sizes, take good measurements.
Then ask questions if you don't see everything you need to know on the itemdescription.

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