Tips on camping with dog

Camping with dogs can be a wonderful adventure for both owner and dog. Travelling and camping with your dog not only connects you to nature but also to your pet. If you think your dog smiles when you go for a walk, bounces when you give it at reat, or rolls over for some loving rubs wait for the reaction you get when your dog goes camping. Camping can be a dog’s dream come true…and for that matter yours as well.

Here are some tips to help your dog’s camping trip dream become a reality!

Travelling Dog Tips

·        Stop regularly along your travel route to allow your dog to have a bathroom break, drink water and have some exercise.

·        Should you have to leave your dog for a short period in vehicle or RV always make sure there is proper ventilation, shade and water for your dog.

·        Try to make your dog’s travel area like home with a dog bed, blanket, toys, etc.

·        Most importantly, constantly reassure your dog that he/she is safe, secure and loved.

If you’re planning a camping trip with man’s best friend, consider these tips to make sure you and your pooch are set up for dog camping success.

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