How to prepare for a winter camping?

In winter trees have shed theirleaves and rivers and lakes are frozen. Winter offers a different landscape andeven when it snows, winter is a beautiful season that can be enjoyed outdoors.

Needproof? People do love camping in the snow. But that's because they wereprepared with the right equipment. The key to a successful winter campingtrip is having the right gear and becoming an informed winter camper. Whetheryou are snowshoeing into the backcountry or car camping in cold weather, theright equipment will make winter camping enjoyable.

Choose a Realistic Destination

Whenselecting a camping destination for your winter trip, consider yourlimitations and expectations.

Check the Weather Forecast

Beforeyou head out on your winter camping trip, check the weather forecast. Besure to know the expected high and low temperatures and if any storms areexpected. Always be prepared for a change in the weather—winter storms areoften unexpected!

Make Sure to Wear AppropriateClothing

Woolsocks, warm boots, thermal underwear, and a warm jacket are essential and don’tforget to bring gloves.

Pack Essential Winter CampingEquipment

Tobe comfortable while winter camping, the right camping equipment is important.Make sure to select a sleeping bag that is rated for the temperature of yourdestination or warmer. An extra foam pad or down air mattress can help with thecold air coming up from the ground and a 4-season tent isimperative in extreme winter weather conditions. If you are snow camping,consider bringing an extra stove for melting snow into drinking water and besure to pack extra fuel for your camp stove.

Winterize Your RV or Camper

Ifyou are winter camping in an RV, pop-up camper, or trailer, make sure to winterizeyour camper. Freezing water lines are the biggest concern with recreationalvehicles. Consult your user manual for winter RV tips specific for your model.And if your RV has a heater, make sure it is working before you head out!

Warm Your Sleeping Bag Before Goingto Bed

Acold sleeping bag can take some time to warm up with just your body heat, sopre-warming your bag is a nice way to get cozy at night. Boil water and put itin a watertight container. Let the water cool down a little and then doublecheck that the container is completely sealed (a leaky water bottle can bedisastrous!). Place the hot water container in your sleeping bag 20 minutesbefore going to bed. The heat will make getting into bed at night moreenjoyable and help maintain your body temperature while sleeping.

Bring Plenty of Firewood

Itcan be difficult to find firewood on the ground in the winter.

Prepare Hearty Meals

Whilesandwiches and watermelon are great for summer camping, cold weather requires aheartier meal. Canned soups or stews are great for lunches. And don’t forget tobring plenty of your favorite hot beverages: hot chocolate, coffee, tea orapple cider.  
Pack a Book or Entertainment

The nights are longer in winter, so it's nice to haveentertainment at night. Bring a book to read while in your sleeping bag, or ifyou are car camping, bring a computer and watch a movie. If you go to sleep tooearly, you’ll end up waking before the sun rises.

Do you like camping in winter? 

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